About Us

What We Do?

We provide all the platforms and web designing services to increase your visibility as a medical expert with a successful web presence. Being our customer you benefit from our inclusive package comprising tailored medical logo design, website design and development, website management and web promotion.

  • The Design Element

  • Physician Website Design

    Medical websites made by our specialized have achieved great success and boost visibility! We provide full-fledge packages of services providing content, images, videos and custom designs that are made for.

    Physician Website Design
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  • Logo Design/Practice Identity

    Logo Design/Practice Identity

    A successful logo is definite, unique, and customized to your requirements. Our expert team works with you and if required, directs you to establish symbols , colors, tag lines and creative artwork that truly symbolizes the image you wish to represent and that describes to who you are as a specialized.

  • Enhancing your website’s efficiency

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We have experts who help your brand to stand out with great identity among all. Our SEO facility optimizes design, content and format of your website for SEO. This provides superior visibility for your site and aids list it right at the top of search results listed in major search engines.

    Search Engine Optimization
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  • Website Management

    Website Management

    With full package of SEO, designing, content, logo we also manage your medical website to increase effectiveness. Our expert team takes your thoughts and makes them an actuality at affordable and reasonable rates. Our experts perform e-mail processing, content changes, site maintenance, domain registration, and monthly website statistics.

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  • Promotion through Pay Per Click

    We have SEO experts that also help you to build your site exposure via Search Engine Marketing tactic like pay-per-click promotion campaigns, which make top-of-page positioning for numerous numbers of keywords on Google, and they are cost saving.

    Promotion through Pay Per Click A
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  • Making your website user-friendly

  • Electronic Medical Record Integration

    Electronic Medical Record Integration – Patient Portal

    With Healthcare Designs, you can facilitate your patients to have private, protected right to use to their electronic Personal Health Record (PHR). You can reduce phone calls, save time, and use our Patient Portal to inform lab outcomes to your patients. Your suggestions about the results are easily informed to your patient.

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  • Patient Education Videos

    Videos build trust and trust is imperative in medical field in making clients relations. We have a huge collection of informative videos about medical procedures, treatments, ophthalmology, orthopedic, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and other medical disciplines.

    Patient Education Videos
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  • High Quality Streaming Web Video

    High Quality Streaming Web Video

    If you’d like to feature streaming web video on your website, we can incorporate it for you. Our video production services provide you with unique, high-quality streaming web video custom-made for your medical practice.